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Indústria de Sementes Disolo
Di Solo

Welcome to Di Solo Seeds

Di Solo started its commercial activities as a seed producer in 1978 and since then it has become a strong brand, synonymous with quality, serving its customers with seriousness and attention.

Di Solo currently has a stake in all territories where agriculture is practiced, with strong commercial partnerships and authorized distributors.

40 Years of Experience

Our area of operation is aimed at small and medium-sized farmers

Its production fields are located in the states of São Paulo and Goiás, in high altitude regions, with its own irrigated fields, which provide an indisputable quality standard for seed production and storage.

Today Di Solo operates throughout the national territory with certified and inspected seeds of beans, corn, rice, soybeans and sorghum; working with genetic materials developed through our own research or multiplying materials provided by EMBRAPA and CATI.

indústria de sementes Di Solo

“Offering quality seeds to contribute to the development of national agriculture.”

Nicola Vincenzo Di Salvo
Founder of Di Solo Seeds