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Know a little bit more about our company, a national reference in seeds.
Welcome to Di Solo Seeds

Di Solo started its commercial activities as a seed producer in 1978 and ever since it has grown into a strong quality brand, serving customers with seriousness and care.

Today Di Solo has active participation on the whole national farming territory, with strong partnerships and authorized distributers.

40 years of Experience

Our acting area is directed mainly to the small and medium agricultural producers and farmers to offer seeds at an accessible price.

Our production fields are located in the states of São Paulo and Goiás, in regions of elevated altitude with our own irrigated fields, which allow for indisputable quality standard for the production and storage of seeds. Today Di Solo acts in all of the national territory with certified and inspected beans, corn, rice, soy and sorghum seeds, working with genetic material developed through their own research or recreating materials supplied by EMBRAPA and CATI.

Our vision

Since 1982 Di Solo Seeds has searched for technological innovations for the production of seeds with an improvement program where new materials are developed to offer the producer bigger benefits for their farming. With partnerships with EMBRAPA and self-made genetic improvement, we want to offer seeds with germination quality and vigor.

Our values

Brazil is one of the most important food producers in the world. Di Solo Seeds wants to, with respect for the environment, ethics and social awareness, add to that fact. Our seed production is done within the defined norms of the ministry of agriculture, with trained professionals for an effective production of seeds.

Di Solo Seeds, a 100% Brazilian company, joins the farm producer for a partnership in search of the best productivity results in their farming, for the development and growth of the Brazilian agriculture.

Our mission

To produce quality seeds, we strive to offer the best seed technology to producers, investing in research and improvement for the development of new options to ensure high performance and health of the chosen culture. All that is to be able to offer a quality, healthy, highly productive seed to the Brazilian producer, contributing towards the development of the national agriculture.

  • We work with our own hybrid material and varieties of corn, soy seeds, rice, beans and sorghum seeds with materials developed by EMBRAPA;
  • We are innovators in the farming business;
  • We are a national reference in seed production.

“To offer quality seeds to contribute with the development of the national agriculture”

Nicola Vincenzo Di Salvo
Founder of Di Solo Seeds

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